AXELOT is a leader in logistics management automation, the developer of the most popular warehouse management system in Russia AXELOT WMS and a transport logistics solution AXELOT TMS.

Innovative software products, a huge number of successful projects, a team of highly qualified specialists, partnership with the largest scientific and educational institutions and world leading companies, as well as strict compliance with international quality standards have formed AXELOT's reputation as a strong and reputable player in the logistics management automation market.


AXELOT's clients are organizations of various sizes, ownership forms, and industry affiliations. AXELOT is one of the most dynamic, innovative, technological and, as a result, successful and trustworthy company operating in the market of management and accounting automation using the 1C:Enterprise software system. That is why clients entrust its specialists with solving large-scale, non-standard, geographically distributed tasks, as well as performing typical industrial automation projects in various areas of enterprise activity.

The high quality of AXELOT's work has already been appreciated by companies in Russia and abroad, including Globus, SPAR, Pony Express, SIBUR, Transmashholding, Lactalis, Abrau-Durso, AquaLife, Dobroflot, Kurgan Sintez, and many other companies leading in their industries.


AXELOT has many years of experience in optimizing warehouse and transport logistics processes. We provide a full range of services in the following areas: logistics consulting, implementation of automated warehouse and transportation management systems, equipment selection, personnel training, technical support.

Software products 

The new generation of warehouse and transportation management systems AXELOT WMS X5 and AXELOT TMS X4 on a unique logistics software platform AXELOT X allow enterprises to implement effective integrated management of the entire logistics processes and fully adapt to market conditions, providing long-term competitive advantages. These solutions are developed on the platform "1C:Enterprise 8.3", are flexibly configured for the specifics of the enterprise and have fully open source code which allows our clients to independently support and serve these software products if they wish.

The AXELOT Mobile platform is designed for rapid development of industrial mobile applications. Development of an industrial mobile application on AXELOT Mobile Platform does not require special skills and is performed once for all types of mobile devices supported by the platform.

"AXELOT: TOS container and port terminal Management" is a software solution developed by AXELOT for automating the management of all operations with cargo, transport and equipment on the territory of port and container terminals. The system also allows you to keep track of the services provided by the terminal and generate reports in a variety of ways.

Quality management system 

In September 2002, AXELOT was recognized as compliant with the ISO 9001 quality management system standard and certified by Det Norske Veritas, which is the world's leading certification company. Since then, AXELOT annually confirms compliance with the international standard ISO 9001 in all areas of work with the client starting from the sale of software products to post-project support.

Training centre

Over the years of experience in developing and implementing software solutions, AXELOT has accumulated a large amount of useful and often unique knowledge about logistics process automation. We are happy to share them with our clients and partners, as well as with all those who seek to develop in the field of logistics and information technology, in the framework of conferences, seminars and webinars of the AXELOT Training center.

The goal of the AXELOT Training center is to develop a competent approach to the optimization and automation of business processes. Understanding between the contractor and the customer of the project, coordinated movement towards a common goal which is to increase the efficiency of the enterprise make the joint work of the two parties as effective as possible and optimal in terms of duration and cost.


The AXELOT team currently employs more than 200 people, providing a design capacity of 100 or more projects per year. Such results are achieved not only by the number of consultants, but also by the existing structure of project management, the availability of specialists and services such as logisticians, project managers, architects, network technology specialists, and support services.

The company operates a specialized division called as the innovation Center, which is aimed at developing new software solutions. The company's specialists who carry out implementation projects also participate in the development of automated systems and the preparation of new releases, which allows us to speak about their thorough knowledge of all the current features of AXELOT WMS solutions and AXELOT TMS system. AXELOT employees will take into account all the features of your company's work and the results of logistics consulting to ensure the maximum return on the implemented software solutions.


AXELOT`s results are based on its own forces and achievements. Economic level of AXELOT group has an average annual increase of 50%.