Brief information about the Company

AXELOT Company, expert in the sphere of IT-systems development, implementation and support, has been working at Russian IT-market since 1998. Since then AXELOT has managed to occupy the leading positions at the market of the enterprise automation systems in Russia.

Today AXELOT — is a large IT-company with the multidivisional structure. Its branch network consists of 6 representative offices in Russia and CIS countries.

One of the most significant, gained as a result of abundant experience, distinctive features of AXELOT — is the competence of working with big-business Russian enterprises and completing the projects of any degree of complexity.

AXELOT company is recognized for the individual approach to its clients, high proficiency, adherence to innovations and the ability to come up with the out-of-the-box solutions.
The core values of the company are openness, transparency and client-centeredness.
AXELOT will always find a solution that will help you to increase your competitive advantage and achieve high business results.

AXELOT has status «1С:Franchising» and is a original developer of products and solutions alongside with 1C. Company has the following status: «1С:ERP Centre», «1С:CORP Competence Centre», «Center of mass-market solutions development, «1С:Consulting - Partner».  


AXELOT Company has been working at Russian IT-market since 1998. During these years AXELOT has gained sufficient experience to become one of the most innovative, successful and reputable companies in the IT-market with specialization in automation of warehouse and transport logistics and data integration and management.  From the development of niche solutions and products, the company has gradually moved towards the development and integration of widely distributed and well-known IT-solutions. As a result of its abundant experience, AXELOT has acquired one of its most remarkable features — the ability to develop out-of-the-box solutions and to complete high-complexity projects for both transnational and large Russian enterprises in different business dimensions.


AXELOT provides services to medium and large businesses running its activities in different economic sectors. AXELOT customers include Russian Ministry of Defense, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, The Russian Federal Space Agency, GazProm, Irkutskenergo, Russian Railways, URALHIM, KAMAZ, DAF Trucks, Yamaha Motor CIS, Carrefour Russia, IDS Group, Terna, Carlo Pazolini, Abrau-Durso, Pony Express, Invintro, Hatber, Formula 7, Marks&Spenser, Aqualife, Global Foods, DACHSER, Bosch as well as dozens of other leading enterprises.

Business activities

AXELOT develops, implements and maintains solutions in the following areas:

  • Warehouse logistics 
  • Transport logistics 
  • ERP-systems 
  • Master data management and integration 
  • Finance Controlling and Accounting 
  • Consolidated reporting 
  • Inventory and logistics management 
  • Maintenance and repair

Software solutions

AXELOT is a developer of the following solutions:

  • 1С:WMS Logistics. Warehouse management (together with 1C)
  • 1С:TMS Logistics. Transport management (together with 1C)
  • 1С:MDM. Master Data Management (together with 1C)
  • 1С:МTO. Materiel management (together with 1C)
  • 1С:Inventory management (together with 1C)
  • AXELOT: ESB. Enterprise Service Bus
  • AXELOT: TMS. Transport and shipping Management
  • AXELOT: Supply Chain Management
  • AXELOT: RFID and Inventory Management
  • AXELOT: RFID Retail
  • AXELOT: RFID Server

Since 2006 AXELOT has maintained leading positions in Russian market of automated warehouse systems.

Quality system

In September 2002 AXELOT was certified by DNV  — one of the largest and most reputable world companies — according to ISO 9001:2000 international management quality standard. 

Within its audit session, performed once a year, AXELOT permanently confirms its appliance to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Education Centre

AXELOT has its own Education Centre. 

AXELOT Education Centre offers a wide variety of courses — from 1-day workshops to group and outdoor corporate trainings. 

  • Unique education programmes — a course of lectures held by acknowledged experts in the field of logistics and enterprise automation;
  • Principal task: to make sure that Client and the Executor have the same understanding of the business-processes automation and the importance of the complex approach;
  • Concerted action of Client and Project’s Executor leads to common goal— rise in business efficiency and makes the joint work as resultative as possible.
  • Success of any project strongly depends on how well clients understand and are able to operate the system.

AXELOT Education Centre offers you different modes of courses on the following subjects:

  • Warehouse and transport logistics management
  • Master data management and integration
  • Automatic identification
  • Service and maintenance.


AXELOT team consists of more than 300 skilled professionals, qualification proved by numerous successful projects and 1C certificates.

AXELOT specialists complete more than 60 projects annually, both in Russia and in CIS countries. 

AXELOT pays special attention to enhancing its staff career level as well as to development of employee incentive programme.